Stainless Steel Fabrication Special Projects

The Rolling Ball Clock

We are very privileged to have been involved in this special community project. The unique ball clock measures 6m x 4m x 2.5m high with a striking wave formed roof. There are 35 bowling balls running inside on stainless steel tracks.
The ball clock was the vision of The About Time Group, a dedicated, passionate group of gentlemen who originally come up with the ball clock idea in 2008. We ensured their vision was followed.
Our journey began on this project in 2016 when Simon was approached to see if it the steel prototype the group had made could be fabricated in stainless steel.
We commenced the job with our first order of materials in November 2019, with the clock taking up a corner of our workshop until its completion and official opening in April 2022 in Whangarei’s Town Basin.


The gold cupola is the crowning glory of the Hundertwasser building in Whangarei’s Town Basin.
A special project, the cupola was made from 6mm aluminium, measuring 8m x 7m shaped, welded and covered with gold leaf. The ball atop the Cupola 1.2m in diameter, made from stainless steel, then painted blue.
We began the project in November 2020, with all components including the gold gilding taking place on site in our workshop. It was quite spectacular to watch it being transported from our workshop to Port Nikau, where it was then barged to the town basin to be craned into place in June 2021.